Stories From Skid Row

Julius Dowell is the Supervisor of Hospitality and Guest Services at Union Rescue Mission and he himself came through our doors looking for Hope. 

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Levi came from Alabama to Skid Row to die, but he found new life and earned a GED at URM!

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LAPD Sergeant Deon Joseph looks tough in his uniform. But look closer and you'll see he has a heart for people experiencing homelessness in Los Angeles.

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Toyota Executive Will Nicklas tells his story on how he got involved at Union Rescue Mission and how he helped launch a mentoring program for the men in our Discipleship Program.

Zee comes on the show to talk about his journey battling cancer and update us on his job situation.

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URM's CEO Andy Bales chats with Laker's point guard Jordan Farmar about his journey through the NBA and his annual "Hoop Farm" basketball camp where many of the Mission's children get to participate!

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Pops went from being one of the deadliest drug dealers on the streets to handing out supplies and wisdom to men looking for a new life off the streets. See how your generous support can help more precious people just like him overcome homelessness in Los Angeles.

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Hear Brian's story of struggle and triumph as he overcame homelessness in Los Angeles. And see how your support makes it possible for people like Brian to have hope for a better future.

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