Stories From Skid Row

Mike McIntyre joined the Mission as an IT employee just to get by during seminary. When he was asked to serve as a chaplain he promptly refused. But God had other plans... 

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Frank Sontag, radio host at 99.5 KKLA, delivered his testimony to all of our March 2014 Men's program graduates. His very personal story was filled with brokenness which led to his reconcilation with the Lord. 

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Alejandro, one of our youngest graduates at the Mission, tells us his story on how he came from Mexico to the Streets of Skid Row. 

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Jeri Little, Director of Social Enterprise at the Mission, shares his story on how he went from businessman in Orange County to be an unpaid missionary in the country of Romania.

Hear his story about how his obedience to the Lord led him to work on the streets of skid row.  

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