Stories From Skid Row

Brandie has been a case manager for the past few years and prior to coming to Union Rescue Mission she felt like she wasn't growing - professionally and spiritually. She came to the Mission where she realized her goal to not just put people into housing as quickly as possible, but to set them up to succeed in the long run! 

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Union Rescue Mission is able to do its life-saving work because of all of our faithful donors - and Christine is one of our point people who builds and maintains those relationships! In this episode, she shares her story on why she decided to work for the Mission! 

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Next Step Ministries has been involved with the work here at Union Rescue Mission for the past few years - and they are passionate about creating long-term partnerships with every mission field they are involved in. Ashley has been their representative here at the Mission and she shares her testimony and her experiences on Skid Row!

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A mainstay in the Mission's kitchen, Ruthie has been faithfully serving URM for the past few years. After losing her family - save her newborn - in a fire, she turned to a life of drugs and the streets. As she entered our doors, she saw our tagline "The Way Home", and she knew this was a place where she would rebuild her life.  

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Chef Darren Evans is known to be a man of prayer. At every moment, he praises the Lord for the little things in life as well as the big things - and when he was offered the position at URM to be a cook he couldn't believe that he could minister and cook at the same time! 

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