Stories From Skid Row

After years of planning, the URM Thrift Store is finally open in Covina! Listen to Troy and Jeri, who among others have both worked tirelessly to get this store up and running. 

URM Thrift Store
280 E. Arrow Highway
Covina, CA 

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Angel's first experience with Union Rescue Mission was when he dropped off some money for his father who had been in our program. He never came in, but would view the building from the outside.

While he was working as a Bail Bondsman, he was also living a double life selling drugs. In 2013 he would finally enter into the doors of the Mission, not knowing what God would have in store for him...

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James Ward and his family struggled with homelessness for years before landing at Union Rescue Mission in downtown Los Angeles, where he met Jessica Sutherland in 2012, and asked her for mentorship.

Through this partnership, James kept his grades up and was admitted to Howard University, where he just completed his freshman year as a physics major!

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