Stories From Skid Row

Bobbi entered foster care at 7 due to her mother's drug use. She became pregnant at 18. With no family, she became homeless and gave her son to his grandmother while she got herself back onto her feet. She turned to drugs to numb the pain, but went to Hope Gardens Family Center to get sober and live the life her son deserves.

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Join us for the second part of Claudia's journey. In this segment, she shares about the joy of getting back custody of her son as well as growing closer to God.

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Brother Brown's childhood instilled in him a passion to help others. In 1990, he was featured in Union Rescue Mission's newsletter for leading his parish and coworkers to donate clothing, food, Easter baskets, toys for the Christmas Store, and more to those in need. Listen to his amazing life journey.

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Claudia experienced abuse at the hands of her mother before entering the foster system at 6. As an adult, she made poor choices that led to her losing custody of her kids. She turned to drugs to take away the pain and, eventually, she ended up on the streets. After coming to Hope Gardens Family Center, Claudia was able to overcome the pain and addiction to start her life anew.

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Hope Gardens Family Center guest and recent graduate Margaret tells the story of how she came to Hope Gardens. In 2013 she lost her job and became homeless. After living in her car with her two children for a month, she went to a shelter.

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Jada is one of our guests at Union Rescue Mission's Hope Gardens Family Center. She discusses her long journey with addiction stemming from abuse, her struggle to keep her family together, and her relationship with God.

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Sharron came to Skid Row with her 3 year old son who has autism to find Union Rescue Mission. Hear how she found the strength to find her way home.

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